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Cleaning of Landfill Leachate Piping, Pump Chambers and Storage Tanks
The Town intends to contract with a qualified firm for the cleaning of the side-slope leachate collection piping system within the Phase I and II areas of the landfill, associated pump chambers and leachate storage tanks
Maintenance and Modernization of Traffic Signals
The vendor will furnish all the labor, supervision, materials, equipment and and incidentals necessary to do all the work required to finish and complete within the time period specified
Installation of sidewalks and streetscapes and related infrastructure at various locations throughout the Town. New construction and reconstruction, maintenance and repair, alterations
It is the intent to describe Sod to be purchased on an as needed basis
New Open Top Ejector Trailer - Steco w/Diesel Engine Driven Power Pak
It is the intent of the Dept. of Environmental Control to purchase a New Open Top Ejector Trailer - Steco w/Diesel Engine Driven Power Pak
Overhauling, Repairs, Adjustments to Allison Automatic Transmissions
It is the intent of the Resource Recovery Agency to furnish framework in which to procure from the lowest responsible bidder for overhauling, repairs and adjustments to Allison automatic transmissions work
PVC Piping & Products
It is the intent to purchase assorted sizes of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) piping and other PVC products
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