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Runway 6-24 Rehabilitation DAT 2-18-007
Scope of work includes, but not limited to, bituminous concrete pavement rehabilitation of Runway 6-24, removal of existing runway in-pavement centerline and touch down zone lighting, installation of new in-pavement centerline lighting system including conduit and cable, temporary and permanent pavement markings, runway pavement grooving, topsoiling, seeding, and mulching. Pavement rehabilitation includes Runwazy 6-24 (150' wide x 7,006' long), 2 blast pads at each end of runway 200' wide x 200' long) and intersecting runways and taxiways within the runway safety area.
Liquid Calcium Chloride
The successful bidder will furnish, transport and deliver Liquid Calcium Chloride for use as a deicing agent
Rental of 60' Track-Portable Stockpiling Conveyor
It is the intent to have short term rental of a 60' Track-Potrable Stockpiling Conveyor for stacking sand/salt as required for the months of November 2018 through May 2019
Summer Season Mobile Concessions
The Town of Islip will be offering bidders the opportunity to bid on various Town locations for summer season mobile concessions
Current Model Year Ten (10) Wheel Roll-Off Truck and Hoist
It is the intent to purchase a new, current model year Ten (10) Wheel Roll-Off Truck with a 60,000 pound Roll-Off Hoist. The Roll-Off Truck shall be anew model current year Mack Model U713. The Roll-Off Hook Hoist shall be a new current model year Galbreath Model U6-DPHK-200 Tandem Axle Hook Hoist (or equal)
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