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Aquatic Spray Park at Roberto Clemente Park
Under this contract the Contractor shall furnish all equipment, superintendents, labor, skill, material and all other items necessary for the complete construction of the outdoor aquatic spray ground project. Work shall include the demolition of existing facilities, the installation of new plumbing, drainage, concrete curb and sidewalk, landscaping, spray pad, interactive features and all supporting equipment to sanitize, filter and distribute water to the spray park.
Waste Oil Removal
It is the intent of these specifications to solicit bids for the removal of waste oil, waste anti-freeze and used oil filters (collectively Waste Materials) from the Town of Islip facilities listed (other sites maybe added during the terms of the contract upon notice to the successful contractor). The contractor may be called upon to remove contaminated waste oil and/or contaminated anti-freeze. The contractor shall provide collection vehicles and equipment to remove and transport the Waste Materials to permitted processing or disposal facilities
Nutrition Program for the Elderly
It is the intent to provide approximately 90,500 complete meals for the Town of Islip Federally Funded Nutrition Program for the Elderly, Title IIIC-1 (Congregate Meals) and IIIC-2 (Home Delivered Meals)
Improvement of Bay Shore Bayway Corridor
This federally and locally funded project (PIN 0760.95) consists of a contract to construct pedestrian safety improvements including the installation of curb, sidewalk, high visibility crosswalks, ADA compliant handicap ramps, bike lanes, street lighting, trees, new traffic signage, pedestrian signals, pavement markings and mill and overlay on Fourth Avenue and Maple Avenue from LIRR to the terminus at Maple Avenue Dock in the Hamlet of Bay Shore. This project will also contain drainage improvements including the installation of leaching basins, the replcement of existing catch basins and the installation of backflow prevention valves to prevent tidewater from backing up into the streets from the drainage system outlets. The project has received federal funding through the Transportation Enhancements Program. This project proposes to create a multi-modal connection between the LIRR and the Fire Island Ferries.
Ford Vehicle Parts Price List
It is the intent to obtain a discount from the current Ford Price List
Asphalt Hot Box Parts & Repairs
It is the intent to purchase parts and labor repairs to Spaulding RMV and Falcon asphalt boxes, as well as four (4) ton diesel built units utilizing parts catalogs and manuals as produced by the manufacturer
EVO Series Internal Drives
It is the intent to describe EVO Series Internal Drive, SAMSUNG or equal. this is a requirements contract. Items to be purchased on an as-needed basis
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